Detagger 2.4

HTML to text converter and markup remover

Improved data extraction functions


  • Improved data extraction functions

Detagger is a dual-purpose utility that can act as a fully featured HTML to text converter, or as a more selective HTML markup remover. When you convert HTML to plain text, Detagger has a large number of options for producing good-looking text file. Using Detagger as a converter you can:

  • Convert HTML pages to plain text
  • Convert HTML email to a smaller, safer text format for archiving
  • Prepare web pages for insertion into a database

When you remove HTML tags, Detagger allows you to selectively remove and edit the HTML tags that make up the HTML code in your file. As a HTML markup remover Detagger can:

  • Tidy up your HTML code to make clean, faster-loading web pages for your website
  • Remove unnecessary HTML added by Microsoft Office
  • Remove non-standard tags and attributes
  • Help with the donkey work in migrating your pages to CSS or XHTML

The tool supports wildcards and drag-and-drop operations. A console version is available for batch operations, making Detagger well suited to whatever mode of operation you prefer. Whether you're trying to convert html email to text, collate text from multiple sources on the web, or simply looking for some way to remove all the JavaScript, FONT tags and comments from your HTML archives, Detagger is the tool for you.



Detagger 2.4

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